Our Antenna Farm

For the most part, Radio Astronomy is about Antennas. Whether it be Horn, Dish or Multi-element arrays they all allow us to receive in some way or form.

We're developing quite the collection of antenna at LMRO and with the addition of a camera to watch over some of our equipment we now have images of the site on-line. Clint suggested we look at a way to show those camera images and I've just finished a slide-show program to display the last 20 images uploaded.

I have the slide-show running on the eCALLISTO page but it works just as well on here too. Enjoy!

Rob Arrowsmith.

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Weather Computer Repair

We had a few problems over the last few days not the least was the failure of a couple of experiment computers. We run our experiments on separate computers in order to minimise loss of systems if one goes off line. As it turned out, two computers failed to come back on after a mains power fail a few days ago.

I had the chance to stop in at LMRO on Tuesday night and replace the power supply on the Weather computer. That got the Weather system back up and running. Unfortunately the Jove Spectrum computer is still off-line as I was short on power supplies. While there I set up the Security Camera which keeps a watchful eye on our antenna systems. I'll be setting up some web stuff to utilise the camera images shortly.

Our other big problem was the temperature inside the Science Station. We hope to get the air conditioner running soon but until then I've installed a large fan to try and exhaust some of the heat out of the room. We'll be watching the inside temperature over the next few days.

We're currently transiting to low power computers that should alleviate the heat situation over the coming months. We'll also be implementing our 3G data link for uploads from LMRO to our website.

Congratulations go to Phil for the amazing work desk and shelving. Its certainly a pleasure to work in such a nice environment.

Rob Arrowsmith.

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Clickable Status Box

Our server status box on the right side of the screen now has clickable links for all the experiments. Clicking on a name in the status box will open a new web page showing all the downloaded data directly.

The other change to the LMRO website is the addition of a Subdomain for our Uploads server. Instead of just having an IP address for our Uploads we now have http://uploads.lmro.org.au. This change may take up to 24 hours to update through your Internet providers DNS service. Until then you might get 'Not Found' messages.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to use our 'Contact' page.

Rob Arrowsmith.

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