Repairs Completed At LMRO

Just in time for the Holidays, we now have a new air conditioner installed at LMRO. The new 3.5KW Mitsubishi Inverter is almost silent and is keeping the temperature to a pleasant 22-23 degrees inside the Lab. We have also had the satellite modem replaced and now have an Internet connection again.

Since Sunday the 20th December I had been experimenting with a 3G USB Modem installed at LMRO to get an idea of performance and data throughput. Uploads were good averaging 70KB/sec or about 10 times the rate of the satellite modem. Data transfer was around 100MB per day. This would allow us to use a 3 Gigabyte per month plan.

Over the next month we'll be making some major changes to the website. More about this soon.

Merry Christmas to all.

Rob Arrowsmith.

Comments (0) 25.12.2015. 01:22

Maintenance and technical issues for LMRO

The Grand Final Long Weekend has resulted in a massive working bee at LMRO.
The new power and data railing and eCallisto remote antenna control cabinet is installed and connected.
New guying for the Radio Jove dipole antenna has been fitted.
Concrete pavers have been laid at the entrance to the Lab. Dirt and dust has been a big issue in the past.
The housing for the magnetometer has been installed.

The bad news is the Satellite Modem has failed (well - it failed last week) and could be either the LNB electronics on the dish or possibly the modem itself.
We expect an expensive quote for a technician to fix it.
Along with the failed airconditioner we have decided to suspend operations for a week while we solve the problems.
Apparently we might be able to change over to an NBN Satellite system and get far better data rates.

Rob Arrowsmith.

Comments (0) 04.10.2015. 21:13

Astronomy and Light Festival

Last night Clint and I went along to the Astronomy and Light Festival at Scienceworks hosted by The Mount Burnett Observatory and put up a display table for our Radio Astronomy Section in the Main Foyer. It was a great night with many visitors to our display. I love talking to people about Radio Astronomy and for those that could stay to hear my explanations on why we look at the sky at radio frequencies it was hopefully not too scientific.

From what I heard this first Astronomy and Light Festival (there'll be more) was a sellout and I could see by the number of people in the queues to different attractions that the event was popular. The volunteer staff at Scienceworks were really amazing and I wanted to give them a mention.

Rob Arrowsmith.

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