LMRO weekend shutdown

To follow up on the changes over the 28th and 29th of March, David Rolfe, an electrician and member of the ASV along with Phil, David, Mitch, Craig and myself replaced all the old 240 volt power pedestals at LMDSS with new power distribution cabinets and upgraded some circuit breakers and earth leakage switches.

The work went quickly and all 10 pedestals were concreted in by Saturday evening. The power was wired up the next morning and turned on after the appropriate tests were done at all the pedestals. We also ran a power cable separate from the LMRO Lab power for the Air Conditioner. This has eliminated the problem of the combined current tripping the 10 Amp breaker.

The other task was to tidy up the computers by installing a wall mounted rack cabinet and get the computers off the floor and improve accessibility to wiring and terminations. That task went well with the cabinet mounted and computers installed by Saturday night by the light of battery powered torches. After the power came back on at the site we could turn everything back on and fix any issues the re-arrangements had caused.

With the Airconditioner now operating the computers are running cooler. We saw the temperature drop to 16 degrees inside overnight and today (Monday) it kept steady at 22 degrees. A big thanks to all those willing hands over the weekend.


Rob Arrowsmith

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Swinburne Lectures

I thought it might be useful to drop this information on the LMRO website for anyone interested in attending a free lecture at Swinburne Hawthorn campus Melbourne on Friday night the 13th February 2015. Note that registration is needed to be assured of a seat.


Planet Formation through Radio Eyes
Where did the Earth come from, and how can we know? How can particles in space no larger than those in smoke come together to make a planet thousands of kilometers wide? Amazingly, radio telescope observations of material surrounding infant stars are starting to show us signs of planet formation in action.

Presenter: David J. Wilner, Associate Director, Radio & Geoastronomy Division Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Date: Friday 13 February 2015 Time: 6.30pm-7.30pm Venue: Swinburne University, Hawthorn Campus, AMDC building, AMDC301 (Enter via Burwood road entrance to access lifts)


Rob Arrowsmith.

*Just an update on the lecture at Swinburne tonight. David Wilner gave a great talk on Planetary Formation tonight and discussed the processes involved in Interstellar Dust forming into a disk and a Sun forming at the center. By using the ALMA array at Atacama in Chile it has been possible to image HL Tauri and clearly see the planetary rings. Great night. Make sure you catch some of the other free lectures at Swinburne this year.

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Dish Assembly

This is just a short post about our Dish Assembly event on Sunday the 2nd November.

We had seven of us present at LMRO to help assemble our 8.5 meter dish antenna. Clint, Phil, David, Ash, Mitch, Stewart and my humble self. When I arrived the dish was partly together. I remembered the security camera and swung it around to catch some images of the assembly. If you click on the link you'll be able to see the final stages of the erection.

Dish Assembly Sequence

Rob Arrowsmith

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